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Know yourself check?
Take a look at the boxes below and answer the question from your heart. Prajna Advisors are not searching for the perfect textbook answers; the focus is on assessing if Prajna Advisors are of the right fit for each other.
As you move down the list, you will realize that the boxes that you select are those that are of importance to you.
Income based on my performance and efforts
Career growth based on merit
More control of career advancement
Work life balance (for self, family and friends)
Rewards & Recognition
Prefer to design and build my own business
Free from a repetitive boring job
Want to earn big income in the shortest time possible
Full expenses paid overseas trip and convention
Like to learn financial management skills
Did you tick more than 3 of the above boxes? Do you want to know more about what is the WISE opportunity available?
Are you ready to put in your full focus and energy to make your first basket of wealth?
Have you got what it takes to make a 5-figure income monthly?
In life, you always have an option. You are what you make of yourself. If you have been dreaming of being a businessperson, ask yourself a simple question. Are you willing to get out from your comfort zone?
Have you got the mindset and attitude to CHANGE?   
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